Saturday 11 January 2014

eZLock: GPS - based e-Lock Tracking System Implemented

eZTrack Telematics has successful implemented GPS-based e-Lock tracking system pilot for an Oil Major -  an Indian government enterprise for trucks that carry LPG cylinders from the LPG plant to the LPG distributor's warehouse. 
eZLock tracking system is tightly integrated with eZTrack platform and comes with all the features and automated alerts and notifications. e-Lock system consists of physical lock activated by a built-in active RFID tag, designed to receive a transmission from RFID reader integrated with GPS / GSM module. The integrated device sends GPS coordinates along with status of the e-lock to our eZTrack platform and the system can successfully monitor movable remote assets and their condition. It can also work independently without the GPS modules for fixed assets.
eZLock is powerful, comprehensive and cohesive unit with a waterproof enclosure protecting the device electronics. The  operation of locking & unlocking of the device can be done in two modes: a) Normal Mode b) Emergency Mode. 
The eZLock tracking system has a highly configurable Dashboard. It comes with highly useful Alert & Notification module where one can set up dynamic alert conditions. Further, the system can be easily integrated with third-party applications and ERP systems. It has a powerful reporting module for effective reporting. 
eZLock tracking system is designed for securing all vital assets of any business. The system is user-friendly, scalable and customizable and can be adapted to any kind of business depending on customers' needs. 

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