Wednesday 11 December 2013

Latest version of eZTrack Mobile App launched

eZTrack Telematics is delighted to announce the availability of the latest version of eZTrack Mobile App. The app comes with a number of new features including the highly anticipated Secure / UnSecure feature. 

Now, customers can secure their stationary vehicle(s) using their eZTrack Mobile App. On securing the vehicle, the app get activated and creates a virtual Geo-fence around the vehicle.

If the system detects the movement of the vehicle(s) leaving the virtual Geo-fence, when it is in an activated state, it immediately intimates the mapped customer user(s) through SMSeS and Email(s). 

Further, for those customers with Immobilization feature enabled, they can in such situations, immobilize their vehicle either through a SMS or a Missed-Call functionality.  

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Successful Implementation of Meal Logistics Management System

eZTrack Telematics has successfully implemented Meal Logistics Management System for a leading Airline catering company. The system is based on our our highly adaptable M2M platform, eZTrack. 

MLMS (Meal Logistic Management System) is designed for scheduling and optimizing large, complex meal logistics operations in a convenient way. MLMS provides an integrated meal logistics optimization environment, covering all aspects of the distribution operation.

The system provides the airline catering company with with the real time information of their mobile assets including their High-Loaders. The system ensures at all times visibility & substantial improvement in the efficiency of vehicle operations, deeper integration with flight schedules and compliance,  in-transit visibility of meals for airlines, greater field workforce productivity, lower fleet operating costs and better customer service.

Monday 30 September 2013 A new website unveiled

eZTrack Telematics debuts its newly-formatted website, eZTrack Telematics,with a completely new look & feel. We would be delighted to get your feedback on it. 

A lot of emphasis has been put in to make the website highly user friendly and allow users to access details with minimum clicks and scroll.